FIRST Training Camp

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A highlight education program at FIRST International Film Festival, FIRST Training Camp is designed to the cultivate the new generation of filmmakers, who 

will have their directing skills sharpened and their vision broadened. Each year, FIRST invites internationally recognized filmmakers as tutors and enrolls 9-12 

young Chinese filmmakers to attend shooting workshops. Tutors will preside over tutoring sessions and visit shooting sites, to provide their advice on story 

creation, directing, and film language during the production of each individual short. 

Over the past editions, Michael Andreen (U.S., 2012), Cristiano Borton (Italy, 2013), Peter Newman (U.S., 2014), Shozo Ichiyama (Japan, 2015), Hong-jin Na 

(South Korea, 2015) and Béla Tarr (Hungary, 2017), have graced the FIRST Training Camp and been engaged in thrilling conversations with the participating 


If you have any interest in submitting your projects or accreditation applications to FIRST Training Camp, please contact You may 

also refer to “FIRST Training Camp Submission Guidelines” (click the link and jump to the guidelines) for more details.

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