Industry Screening

Industry Screening and Financing Forum are both part of the FIRST market segment, which aims to link the video works with the film industry, establish an equal dialogue and benign trading platform, and jointly explore and expand the channels for film distribution.

The industry screening collects long-form works by young filmmakers, and provides internal special screening opportunities for FIRST industry professionals. After the filming, it will promote the industry chain including publicity and distribution, production company, international film festival selectors, post-production technology service providers and so on to conduct a negotiation dialogue. The market is involved in the upstream watershed production of video content, completing the rapid transition and benign guidance from the film festival art evaluation standard to the market viewing test. Through the guidance of the Industry Screening platform, the filmmaker and the buyer can achieve professional and open video content transactions. While encouraging more high-quality video content to actively enter the market chain and actively seek for viewing needs and viewing crowds, it also encourages all parties to explore the secondary value of multi-type content, and explore the possibility of distribution and viewing modes by colliding and combining multiple identities.

In the second year of the Industry Screening in 2018, a total of 18 films were selected. During the film festival, nearly 150 films were negotiated with 87 film companies. More than half of the film projects reached a cooperation intention through one-on-one interviews during the film festival. The 7 selected films selected for the Industry Screening in 2017 have also entered the copyright trading and film festival promotion process. In 2019, the Industry Screening will continue to select 30 films that combine the value of commercial transactions and art exploration to promote the industry.



The fee of a single screening of the industry screening is 5,000 yuan. (If the film is selected for the 13th FIRST Film Festival competition, the first screening fee will be waived.)


Film registration: April 10 - May 26

Industry Accreditation: May 15 - June 30

Programme released: June 14

Screening Schedule released: July 5th

Distribution Workshop: July 20

Industry Screening: July 20-25

One-on-one Meetings:

For more details, please see the 2019FIRST Industry Screening Rules and Regulations. pdf

If you are a film investment/production/distribution company, a film fund representative, a sales agent, and a film festival/project market representative, you are welcome to enter the industry screening and interviews, please go to Industry Accreditation.

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