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Where the Peach Is in Bloom

Jiang Chunhua | | | |


This story takes place in the Peach Blossom School, which specializes in the transformation of “bad children”. After four seasons of autumn, winter, spring and summer, the camera closely followed the shooting process of the children from entering the school, resisting, obeying, and finally leaving the school. Upstairs is the parents sent to transform, downstairs is the criminal youth sent by the Public Security Bureau. The two areas are separated by a road and communication is prohibited between them. But they secretly exchange information and even develop underground love. Zhou Jiaoguan secretly helped Lei Gong and Juan Juan to pass on love letters, and they also fell into secret love. He also faced a crisis of being monitored and reported. During the year, the students formed a non-reporting small group, planned a runaway plan, and even committed suicide, but all efforts failed in the end. In the end, they are determined to play the role of a good student in the teacher’s mind to fight for the opportunity to go out.

Jiang Chunhua

Director's statement

Development stage: Shooting