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In the summer of 2018, a club in Beijing re-established an ice hockey team named Feihong 09 Red, composed of a group of children born in 2009. Although they are only 9 years old, they all have a ball age of about 4 years. The No. 66 team is small, playing and smashing, careless; the 95th player is very active, there is no hobby, only like ice hockey; No. 77 players, people are high but lack self-confidence… They just teamed up in an international youth hockey The invitational game failed consecutively. How can I improve my teamwork skills? How do children overcome their own problems? This is the biggest challenge facing the team and children. Father No. 66 allows children to participate in Go training to train their children. On the 95th, in order to allow their children to receive better training, they will transfer to the international school. On the 77th, Dad chooses to be a full-time dad to better care for their children. The center of gravity also shifts around the ice hockey. In the winter of 2018, the annual National Club League was ushered in. How do they meet the next game? How to deal with the success or failure of the game?

Liu Hanxiang

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