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Wangdrak's Rain Boots

Lhapal Gyal | 2018 | China | 91min | Fiction


Wangdrak is a little boy from a Tibetan place, he always wanted a pair of rain boots, but his father never managed to buy it.
His mother finally bought him a pair of rain boots. But then it never rained and Wangdrak hopes for a big rainfall.
Achieving the hope and dream is what any kid would hope for when they are young, and everyone go through similar experiences.
This is a film about the world of children and it contains the children’s beautiful fairytale world. It also reveals the mysteries and sadness in the immature minds of the children.


Lhapal Gyal

Lhapal Gyal, born in May 1989 in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy, Lhapal Gyal is a young director and screenwriter. During the school, he made a number of short films and some of them won awards. He has been working with famous director Pema Tseden as an assistant director. He worked on Tharlo and Knife in the Clear water. Wangdrak’s Rain Boots is his first feature film.

Director's statement

Dream could be so simple as to wait for the advent of a rainfall.

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