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A True Believer

Liu Xiaolei | 2017 | China | 66min | Documentary


At first, I was eager to communicate with them, using the camera to capture those thieves and punish them, while dreaming of being a hero to get rid of my mediocre life. But after experiencing the hurt between members of Falcon and the thieves, I concluded that whenever a group wants to do something magnificent, one righteous reason would be enough to change a man into angle or devil. Afterwards, especially after a Uyghur boy’s appearing in my life. I found out that I couldn’t just hide behind the camera and take advantage of recollecting memories of someone as an excuse to conceal my true self. In a monologue way, I must demonstrate the clash of my feelings. You face yourself well; you face people you shoot well.


Liu Xiaolei

Xiaolei Liu, born in 1984 in Dalian city, graduated in TV editing and directing from Liaoning University. He established a culture and media company for three years, and then engaged in producing advertisement, documentaries, and feature films as a freelance.

Director's statement

Until this film was finished, the bewilderment hadn’t melted away still – could an ordinary person’s dream of being a hero be counted as a chance to change the society? Fortunately, this is no longer the theme of my film. This time, I want to tell the story of anti-pickpocket members of Falcon, the Uyghur boy, and me. Maybe my wild monologue may throw up this question to be discussed more profoundly.
The individual’s fate was changed owing to the to-be-hero love knot. The line between right and wrong was more difficult to draw. What kind of walking posture should I have in this era?

The trailer of <A True Believer>