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Dancing in the Wind

World Premiere Yue Ting | 2018 | China | 89min | Documentary


‘Red-Hair Emperor’, Gu Donglin, had been married twice. He alone raised the daughter who was in junior high school. When he was young, he loved disco. Nowadays, whenever he feels bored, he will go to the park and dance with the sound of another people’s music. In 2017, a wave of Internet broadcasts emerged. The image of his frenetic dance with friends was pushed to the public. Since then, ‘awkward dance’ has completely changed his life.



Yue Ting

Yue Ting, born in Weifang, Shandong in March 1990.In 2013, he graduated from School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University. He successively directed the documentaries Communist Building, The Rhythm of Macao, Unfulfilled Thoughts, etc. His works won the first prize of the first Wan Fenglin International Micro Film Festival documentary category and were nominated for the 13th Golden Panda Award international documentary festival, US Silk Screen Film Festival, 5th China Documentary Film Academy Award. From 2015 till now, studying for Master of Arts in Film and Television Communication at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University.

Director's statement

Webcasting is definitely not just a post-dinner pastime for the elite or the middle class. Its greatest influence on China today is reflected in ordinary people who are hidden in the dark and who are not known to the mainstream. These people are not the ‘small corners’ of this era but have always been ignored by the class of the ‘mainstream group’. Whether the literary young people admit or not, the aesthetic taste, cultural characteristics, and lifestyle of this group are changing China’s future cultural orientation. ‘Red-Hair Emperor’, Gu Donglin, is one of the most inconspicuous ones in this group.
For this trend, this documentary cannot change anything. As a director, my only expectation is that when the times wake up from sleep, we may have the opportunity to look back at these images. From this, we may find details that were ignored when the previous changes occurred.

The trailer of <Dancing in the Wind>