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梧桐树剧照-剧中人物张丹彤 王琴 寒子

Caro Mio Ben (My Dear Beloved)

China Premiere Su Qing | Mina | 2017 | China | 118min | Documentary


It’s early spring at a school where trees standing silently for more than 40 years from little saplings. Sounds of Caro Mio Benfloat from the school building – beyond the corridors, along with the path, toward the sky…

Throughout seasons and years in the school, we’ve got to know these children: in her teens, Cao Hanzi longs to communicate with people by asking lots of questions; Zhang Dantong, studied Henan opera, is waiting for her debut in a reality show; Li Cong, fulfilled with peace and love in her mind, whispers to her turtles; Wang Yiwen, a talented singer at her age, dreams to sing an Italian piece and stand on the stage for it… Although the children here have different backgrounds and stories, they all have gorgeous smiles and dreams that glitter like gold.

The wheel of time will not stop, and all the students will leave the school one day. Before that day, let’s keep those beautiful moments in mind forever.

Director's statement

Caro Mio Ben (My Dear Beloved), the same as our previous films, is a documentary film that pays attention to disabled people. This time, we focus on a special school in Zhengzhou in which we documented the growth of a group of disabled children for a long period of time.

Shooting of Caro Mio Ben(My Dear Beloved)was first started at the end of 2011. From a normal point of view, these children attract worries and sympathies, but what we saw behind the camera were their sparkling eyes and beautiful minds.

To make a film and to better understand the living situation of these children is a symbol of social progress, as well as the responsibility of us­ – documentary filmmakers. What we hope to achieve with this film is, through our observation, bring the audience to explore an unknown world with silence and darkness, but meanwhile full of imagination and surprises.


Su Qing

Born in 1969, in Inner Mongolia, Su Qing currently resides in Beijing. From 1998 to 2002, he worked as a program director at Chongqing Television and China Central Television. He directed the TV series Chinese Folk Art, Chinese Relics, both for foreign distribution, documentary series Stories of the Chinese, and character-based documentary Song of Life, which was nominated for Chinese TV Starlight Awards. Since 2002, he has been an independent documentary film director and producer. His best-known works include White Tower (2004) and Sign Language Time (2010). In 2008, he co-founded Su Qing and Mina Studio and Mina’s Restaurant in Songzhuang with Mina.



Born in Chongqing, Mina is a current resident of Beijing and an independent documentary film director. Her best-known works include White Tower (2004) and Sign Language Time (2010). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and a master’s degree in Art Management from Central Academy of Fine Arts. She has worked as a fashion designer, brand executive, manager of the marketing department and commercial executive director. In 2008, she co-founded Su Qing and Mina Studio and Mina’s Restaurant in Songzhuang with Su Qing.

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