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The Son of Mountain

World Premiere He Zheng | 2018 | China | 91min | Fiction


The story takes place in a city at the foothills of Taihang mountain, Hebei province. Family pressure, restriction, and a tedious livelihood cause high school student Taihang to deviate from the right path. Skipping class and smoking cigarettes become his daily routine. The only thing that makes him happy is riding the motorcycle that he borrowed money to buy. A new girl Taihang meets steals the money he was saving to pay off his debt, which leads to him being chased and captured by the loan sharks. Police Captain Li is continuously looking for the drug dealer who gravely injured him many years ago. The injury has caused him immense mental and physical trauma, influencing a lot in his life. He never lets any suspect go away but still cannot crack the case.

此生再不归太行 导演照片 何政

He Zheng

Born in 1992 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Graduated in 2017 from the Shanghai Theatre Academy with a major in film production. Now he is a freelance filmmaker in Shanghai.

Director's statement

Taihang was born and raised in an ordinary industrial city, controlled by the isolated and oppressive environment. Tortured by a bizarre and absurdist life, he transformed from a perplexed rebellious youth to a person who compromises the second half of his life. This may be the nightmare that many people are incapable of escape in their whole life.

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