Autumn Leaves

World Premiere Wang Qi | 2018 | China/Japan | 116min | Fiction


A story based on a young Chinese family living in Japan. Set in the vibrant ’90s, the family struggles to adapt to the capitalistic Japanese society. One day, their grandfather comes to visit them from Shanghai and they try to act like a happy family to welcome the grandfather.


Wang Qi

After graduating from the University of the Arts London, Wang Qi’s short film Cao Chang was selected for Generation Kplus at the 62nd Berlin Film Festival. Since then he directed his first narrative-feature The Funeral selected for Montreal Film Festival First Film World Competition.

Director's statement

Set in the ’90s, the two countries going through a very different era. China is experiencing the political and economic shutdown after the Tiananmen Square massacre. Japan is in the peak of economic growth, fast becoming the leading democratic and capitalistic country in the Far East. For many Chinese, leaving their homeland for a new country was to seek a better life. However, what many discovered abroad wasn’t what they had wished for. Many struggled to find their identity and wondered where their future will be.