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FIRST Feature Lab is a long-term and non-profit platform dedicated to training feature film directors, relying on the constantly established evaluation system which discovers emerging filmmakers. Together with FIRST Training Camp, Short Film Project, Public Programming Tour, and Volunteer, it combines the production & incubation system.

FIRST Feature Lab was initiated by FIRST International Film Festival. Under the current situation of information block and inequitable resource allocation in the film industry, we try to provide multiple suggestions and training based on the project’s special needs in every stage. The standard of our selection includes the director’s ability and the project’s artistic value. Every year, one to three project will be selected and incubated. 

FEATURE LAB Description

  • Duration: 3 – 10 months
  • Form: Customized development plan for the direction and stage of the entry
  • Content
  1. Script discussion: assisting the author in positioning and adjusting the script
  2. Screenwriting training: training and guiding the author to solve their weakness in screenwriting
  3. Shooting and editing training: key scenes/plots shooting and fake trailer editing
  4. Appreciation & Discussion: enlightening directors by watching, reading and discussion and therefore solve specific problems
  5. Filmmakers sharing: inviting film festival selectors, editors, producers and other professional filmmakers to share their experience and inspire directors
  6. Resource matching: recommending projects to international film markets and financing forums, casting research, connecting executive producers and making post-production plan