The standardization and rigorous application of legal power are heralded by the rising standards within the film industry. Thorough knowledge of the main points of the law and legalities in order to connect to the market and establish a dialogue has become a necessary knowledge resource for young filmmakers throughout the development, financing, and production stages of their projects. This is true for low-budget productions as well as those with large budgets, from front-end crowdfunding to post-production distribution.

FIRST MART established the Law Workshop in 2020, inviting professionals and academics involved in the legal business of the film industry to share their years of practical experience in the industry and to explain and analyze the legal landscape of China’s film industry This would provide aspiring filmmakers with a full range of legal reserves throughout script development, shooting and production, promotion and distribution, and participation in film festivals, etc. The workshop will also provide clarification for the legal rights and interests of film creators, which will aid in the development of a more thorough understanding of the motion picture business for these young filmmakers.



     REN YANLING  |  Partner Ren Yanling is the executive director and managing partner of Tian Yuan. She is also a member of the Beijing Xicheng District Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of the Beijing Xicheng District Youth Federation, director of the Beijing Lawyers’ Association, and vice president of the Xicheng District Lawyers’ Association. During her practice of legal service for over 20 years, Partner Ren has been engaged in and specializes in corporate investment and M&A, private equity investment, etc. She also has extensive experience in the fields of entertainment brokerage, film and television, music recordings, variety shows, tourism and real estate, cultural derivative industries, etc. Partner Ren has provided whole-process legal services for influential film and television project ventures such as “The Eight Hundred “, “The Sacrifice “, and “The Pioneer”, and is trusted by the clients. Partner Ren has been awarded “Beijing Outstanding Lawyer” and “Beijing Top Ten Women Lawyers” by Beijing Lawyers’ Association, “Top 15 Women Lawyers in China” and “Top 15 M&A Lawyers in China” by Asian Legal Business (ALB), and “Specially Recommended Lawyer” by The Legal 500, Chambers and other famous legal rating agencies for consecutive years

     NING QINGYU  |  Associate Ning has been major engaged in equity investment and financing, culture and entertainment, etc. He specializes in providing legal services throughout the entire process of film and television project investment, production and distribution. Meanwhile, Associate Ning has a wealth of legal experience in IP cooperation and trading, entertainment brokerage, music, variety shows, animation, etc

     JI FENG  |  Ji Feng is a senior associate of Tian Yuan. She is also a member of the China Television Drama Production Industry Association and Beijing Entertainment Law Society. Associate Ji has been major engaged in investment, financing, M&A, corporate listing, issuance of bonds, and other legal services. Meanwhile, Associate Ji has a wealth of legal experience in the investment and production of films and television drama, music recordings, entertainment brokerage, variety shows, cultural and real estate, and cultural derivative industries.

      LI TIANSI  |  Li Tiansi is a senior associate and communist youth league committee secretary of Tian Yuan. He is also a member of the Beijing Entertainment Law Society. Associate Li has been major engaged in commercial litigation and arbitration. Associate Li has a wealth of legal experience in corporate governance, equity dispute, contractual dispute in tourism, real estate, film and entertainment industries, artistes’ brokerage dispute, and copyright disputes.


Beijing Tian Yuan Law Firm

Beijing Tian Yuan Law Firm (“Tian Yuan”), founded in 1992, is one of the earliest and largest full-service partnership law firms in China. Tian Yuan has over 200 partners, 800 associates, and professionals, covering capital markets and securities, corporate investment and M&A, the litigation and dispute resolution areas, etc. Culture, entertainment, and media legal service is one of the fastest growing areas of Tian Yuan. For instance, Tian Yuan has a wealth of project experience in the areas of entertainment brokerage, films and television, music recordings, variety shows, games and animation, publishing and distribution, sports events, Internet new media, cultural derivative industries, etc. By utilizing and giving full play to the professional advantages of comprehensive legal service capacity, Tian Yuan has formed an all-around and whole-chain legal service in the culture, entertainment, and media industries, and eventually stood out in the industry.