• Am Fenster /Two Windows /窗口

    德国|2016|彩色|11分钟|喜剧 Germany|2016|Color|11min|Comedy
    导演:Tim Ellrich, Leonhard Kaufman 演员:Werner Brix,Alexander E. Fennon 编剧:Tim Ellrich, Dominik Huber 摄影:Tim Weskamp, Felix Rothmayer 声音:Marcus Fass 音乐:Andreas Pfeiffer 巴登-符腾堡州电影学院

    Synopsis Two neighbors jump into an unexpected friendship outside their windows. In order to reconnect his TV connection, Helmut decides to climb out of his window in a resolute manner. His neighbor Walter misinterprets this action as an attempted suicide, which Walter would love to join as well. While trying to clarify this misunderstanding, both find a close friend in the until-now-unknown neighbor. 影片简介: 两个邻居在自家窗外结下了一段不可思议的友谊。Helmut为了重新连电视信号而爬出窗外。邻居Walter误以为Helmut想要自杀,想要一起加入他自杀的行列。二人在解释这段误会的同时,成为了朋友。


    Director's biography Tim Ellrich is a young German filmmaker, who is currently studying Fiction Directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg in Ludwigsburg. Leonhard Kaufmann, born in Munich in 1987, studied history in Leipzig between 2009 and 2013. Starting as a street-photographer, he soon began to shoot short documentary movies. His films were shown at national and international festivals. 导演简介: Tim Ellrich是一位年轻的德国导演,目前在路德维希堡的巴登-符腾堡州电影学院学习剧情片导演专业。 Leonhard Kaufmann 1987年出生于慕尼黑。最初是一名街头摄影师,后来开始制作纪录短片。他的作品在国际上多个电影节进行了展映。

  • Die Kunst, Meine Familie und Ich/ About Art, My family and Me/ 关于艺术,我的家庭和我

    瑞士|2015|彩色|15分钟|实验纪录 Switzerland|2015|Color|15min|Experimental Documentary
    导演: Johannes Bachmann 剧本: Johannes Bachmann 摄影: Rosmarie Metzenthin 剪辑: Johannes Bachmann 音乐: Volkmar Andreae 声音设计:Johannes Bachmann 苏黎世艺术学院

    Synopsis I've made an essay film! I tried to answer the questions I have as a young adult. What does art mean to me? How is art connected to my family? And who am I in between? Using only home videos from my family, adding my improvised comment to it, a light essayistic film was born. 影片简介: 我拍了一部论文电影!我尝试着回答很多我青年时期问过的问题。艺术对于我来说是什么?艺术跟我的家庭有着怎样的联系?而我跟这两者的联系又是什么?仅仅运用一些我家庭的影像,加上我即兴的评论,这样的一部论文电影就诞生了。


    Director's biography: Johannes Bachmann (1992) grew up in Munich in a Swiss musician family and shot his first movies with Lego figures at the age of 9. After his graduation he began to study Theater Studies, dropped out and completed different internships in film companies. Since 2012 he has been studying Bachelor of Arts in Film at the Zurich University of Arts. Besides directing his own movies, he also works as a DoP and editor. Occasionally Johannes works as an actor in German television productions. 导演简介: Johannes Bachman 1992 年出生在慕尼黑的一个瑞士音乐家家庭,他在9岁时就用乐高玩具完成了他的第一部电影。他毕业后学习了戏剧研究,退学之后在不同的电影公司实习。从2012年开始,他在苏黎世艺术学院开始了他电影艺术学学士的学习。除了导演自己的电影,他还兼负摄影师和剪辑的工作。偶尔还会以演员的身份出演一些德国的电视剧。

  • Durch den Vorhang/ Through the Curtain / 隔帘之后

    德国 以色列|2016|彩色|27分钟|剧情 Germany Israel|2016|Colour|27min|Drama
    导演:Arkadij Khaet 编剧:Arkadij Khaet 摄影:Sebastian Schafstein 声音设计:Tobias Fleig 剪辑:Arkadij Khaet, Leonard Ostermeier 音乐:Michael Firmont 演员: Leon Seidel, Nurith Yaron, Susanne Gschwendtner, Ursula Renneke 麦科米迪亚大学

    Synopsis: Tom is looking forward to a carefree school trip to Israel. Neither his teacher nor the tight schedule can spoil his mood. But soon after his arrival, he finds himself in hospital-injured and ill-tempered. How did he end up here? Looking back on the past few hours, his anger mounts over the foreign country, when suddenly the patient in the next bed starts telling her story through the curtain separating them. 影片简介: 汤姆对学校的以色列之旅十分期待,无论是学校的老师或是紧凑的行程都无法破坏他的心情。本以为这会是一次无忧无虑的旅程,结果一到达汤姆就受了重伤,住进了医院,满腹怨气。到底发生了什么?想起过去的前几个小时,他的怒火急剧上升,而这时隔壁病床的患者,透过一层隔帘,跟汤姆说起了关于她的故事。


    Director's biography: Arkadij Khaet was born right before the collapse of the Soviet Union on the territory of today's Moldova. Just a few weeks old, he immigrated with his family to Germany.Through the Curtain is his first narrative film as a director. Apart from freelancing, writing, living and pondering in Cologne, he is working with his fellows on their new movie Hikikomori which will be released in mid-2016. 导演简介: Arkadij Khaet 在苏联解体前夕出生于前苏联(今日的摩尔瓦多共和国)。还是个婴儿的他和家人移民去了德国。《隔帘之后》是他第一部执导的剧情片。除了他在科隆的自由职业作者的工作和生活思考外,他正在和他的同事们筹拍新电影《Hikikomori》,预计将会在2016年中上映。

  • Esel/ Carry on/ 继续

    奥地利|2015|彩色|24分钟|剧情 Austria|2015|Color|24min|Fiction
    导演:Rafeal Haider 编剧:Rafael Haider 摄影:Lukas Schoffel 编辑:Birgit Bergmann 音乐:Henning Backhaus 音效:Birgit Bergmann 艺术指导:Ina Chrudina 主演:Haymon Maria Buttinger, Ingrid Burkhard, Karl Fischer, Oskar, Manfred Tschank, Torsten Busing, Michi Pilz 维也纳音乐与表演艺术大学

    Synopsis: It is wintertime. The landscape is bare and grey. An isolated farm is located next to the woods. An old married couple lives there. Their life consists of everyday activities which they are not capable of coping with any more and, furthermore, mostly of boredom. For his daily work the farmer has an old donkey to help him. When the pragmatic farmer learns that the death of his longtime companion is near, he notices that he loves the animal more than he can admit. A parable about death and parting, a fairy tale for grown-ups. 剧情简介: 冬天到了。天地间一片灰色的荒凉。树林边一个与世隔绝的农场里,住着一对老夫妇。他们已经无法继续正常地生活起居了,而更可怕的是寂寞。老农夫有一只老驴子帮助他做些日常工作。当务实的老农夫发现他的老伙计死期将至时,他才意识到他对这畜生的爱远超出他的想象。这是一则关于死亡和离别的寓言,一个献给成人的童话故事。


    Director's biography: Rafael Haider was born on March 12, 1989 in Oberndorf and was raised in Vienna, Austria. After graduating High-School in 2007, he attended the university for music and performing arts in Vienna to study film directing. 导演简介: Rafael Haider 于1989年3月12日出生在奥地利欧本多福,在维也纳长大。2007年高中毕业后,他来到维也纳音乐美术学院进修电影导演。

  • Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon/ 成吉思汗征服月球

    美国|2015|彩色|17分钟|科幻 United States|2015|Color|17min|Sci-Fi Fantasy
    南加州大学 导演: Kerry Yang 编剧: Kerry Yang & Steve Emmons 视效: Gene Warren III 演员: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa & James Hong 剪辑: Robert Abilez & Sean Jarrett 声音: Veronica Li Original 音乐: Pantawit Kiangsiri

    Synopsis In Genghis Khan's last days, an encounter with a Wizard sends him to the Moon. Just as the mediaeval anti-hero thinks he's made his greatest conquest, he finds himself on a spiritual quest, realizing the absurd clash between one man's need and the silence of the Universe⋯⋯ 影片简介 历史上没人知道成吉思汗的葬身之地,导演借此灵感创作了这部科幻寓言短片。 成吉思汗迟暮之年,与巫师的一场际遇,让大汗上了月球。正当大汗认定他已征服了人生最伟大的领土时, 他陷入了天人交战。欲壑难填宇宙的静寂,惊觉一切竟是南柯一梦⋯⋯


    Director's biography: Born and raised in Taiwan, Kerry came to the USA in high school then obtained a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an MFA from USC School of Cinematic Arts. She recently finished her MFA thesis film, Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon (2015), starring Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa & James Hong. It was awarded the 2014 Fox Fellowship Endowment Fund. Kerry was also selected as one of the student directors at USC for James Franco's upcoming feature, Actors Anonymous (2016). 导演简介: Kerry Yang (杨斯茜)1988年出生于台湾, 芝加哥艺术大学电影系学士、南加大电影硕士毕业。 2015年南加大毕业短片《成吉思汗征服月球》入围多项国际影展并获奖。2016年,Kerry与同班学生共同执导了一部由知名演员詹姆斯·法兰柯监制的长片《Actors Anonymous》。

  • Goodbye Vesna / 再见维斯纳

    美国|2015|彩色|19分钟|黑色喜剧 USA|2015|Color|19min|Dark comedy American Film institute 美国电影学院
    导演:Cristian Sulser 编剧:Cristian Sulser & Corey Wilcosky 摄像:Eli Arenson 音乐:Andrew Napier 剪辑:Brian H. Merrick 演员:Irina Dubova

    Synopsis: Vesna, an immigrant cleaning woman has to follow her husband’s last wish to bring his remains back home to Romania. Strapped for cash, she comes up with the impossible plan to rob her workplace, the Manhattan Trust Bank. In the process she faces the question whether she should follow her traditional values or start living her own life. In the process she begins to learn that she needs to live life on her own terms. 影片简介: Vesna是一个移民清洁工,她带着丈夫的遗愿和遗物回到罗马尼亚的家乡。由于钱不够用,她策划了一个不可能完成的计划——打劫她所工作的曼哈顿信托银行。在这个过程中她开始踌躇是要带着自己的旧有观念生活还是重新开始人生、自力更生。她也开始意识到要定位自己的人生。


    Director’s biography: Cristian Sulser,director,writer,born in Switzerland, Cristian Sulser is an award winning director and writer and lives in Los Angeles. He worked for Regency Television (MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) and as assistant director for independent feature films in Los Angeles. For three years, he was the host of NICKELODEON SWITZERLAND. Before he moved to the United States, he wrote and directed several TV shows, comedy series, music and short films as well as documentaries with his production company in Switzerland. His work was awarded with the Swiss Television Award and the Prix Walo. His lates short film SCRABBLE was screened at over 100 international festivals and over 20 awards. 导演简介: Cristian Sulser,导演、编剧,出生于瑞士,现居洛杉矶。他工作于Regency电视制片公司(制作过《马尔科姆的一家》、《吸血鬼猎人巴菲》),在洛杉矶担任独立剧情片副导演。此前,他在瑞士主持了三年的NICKELODEON节目。在他搬去美国之前,在几个电视台节目做过导演和编剧。他创办的电影公司涉足喜剧、音乐剧、短片、纪录片。其作品获得过瑞士电视奖以及瑞士Walo大奖。最新的短片《Scrabble》在世界各地100多个电影节参加展映,获得20多个奖项。

  • Kirschkuchen/ Cherry Cake/ 樱桃蛋糕

    德国|2015|彩色|24分钟|剧情 Germany|2015|Color|24min|Drama
    导演:Silke C. Engler 主演:Ute Zehlen, Harry Wolff, Melina Hylla 编剧:Silke C. Engler 音效设计:Robert Keilbar 摄影:Michael Jorg 剪辑:Markus Jaschke 音乐:Anneli Bentler 科隆媒体艺术学院

    Synopsis: Don’t fill life with days, fill days with life.After her husband’s death, Kathe doesn’t want to impose on anybody. She already ordered old people’s home brochures. But an accidental meeting with the love of her youth Hannes arises old contending feelings. Heartache and disappointment are mixed with desire and intimacy. Is it too late to forgive? Every day Hannes is waiting for her on a bench in front of Kathe’s house. One day the bench stays empty and Kathe has to make a decision. 影片简介: 别一天天数着日子过生活,生活在每一天里。 在她丈夫死后,Kathe不想麻烦任何人。她已经订购了养老院的宣传册。和年轻时的爱人Hannes一场意外的邂逅让Kathe重拾旧情。心痛与失望混合着欲望和亲热。现在原谅他太晚了吗?Hannes每天都在Kathe家门外的长凳上等她。有一天,长凳上没有人影,Kathe知道她必须做出决定了。


    Director's biography Silke Christina Engler was born in 1976 in Aachen (Germany). From 1995 and 2000 she studied Theatre, Film and Television Studies in Leipzig and Bochum and graduated as M.A.. Since 1998 Silke has been working as a script supervisor and assistant director for films for television and cinema. From 2010 to 2014 she completed a postgraduate degree in Media and Fine Art Studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) with special emphasis on script writing and film directing. 导演简介: Silke Christina Engler 1976年在德国亚琛出生。1995-2000年间她在莱比锡和波鸿学习戏剧,电影和影视,并取得了硕士学位。1998年起Silke就开始担任电影和电视剧的剧本监制和副导演。2010年-2014年,她从科隆媒体艺术大学获得了剧本写作和导演方向的媒体艺术研究生学位。

  • Lost and Found/ 失物招领

    德国|2015|彩色|26分钟|剧情 Germany|2015|Color|26min|Drama 麦科米迪亚传媒大学
    导演:Claudia Seibl 演员:Tim Ahern,Paaru Oja 编剧:Claudia Seibl,Paul Thiem 摄影:Paul Thiem 声音:Tim Hofer 剪辑:Malte Wilhelm 音乐: Blackout Problems

    Synopsis What’s further? There or back again? Or maybe just standing still? These are questions that Neil Goldman, an aging travel book author from the USA, and Janek, a young Estonian emigrant, have to face the night before Christmas at Tallinn Airport. Their flight to New York gets bumped to the next morning due to a snow storm, and as they wait together, they discover that, although they are quite different from each other, they need to learn from the other’s characteristics in order to solve the major problems in their respective lives. They find out that it is never too late to make the right decision. 影片简介: 未来会怎样?该去还是回?或者就是原地站着?尼尔·戈德曼,一个来自美国的上了年纪的旅行书作者,而Janek,一个来自爱沙尼亚的年轻移民,他俩都在圣诞前夜在塔林机场过夜。他们去纽约的飞机,因为一场暴风雪而延至第二天早晨。在一起的等候过程中发现,虽然他们彼此不同,他们却需要互相学习彼此身上的性格来解决各自生活中的重大问题。他们发现,只要能做出正确的抉择,再晚都不为过。


    Director's biography: Claudia Seibl, 28, is a director from Munich, Germany. After studying law, she decided to follow her passion for filmmaking and studied directing from 2011 to 2015 at the Hochschule Macromedia in Munich. The short film LOST AND FOUND is her graduation film from university and is co-produced by the German TV station Bayerischer Rundfunk. It premiered at the 49th Hof International Film Festival. 导演简介: Claudia Seibl,28岁,一位来自德国慕尼黑的导演。她学习法律后,决定追随自己的电影梦想,于2011到2015年期间在慕尼黑的传媒大学学习导演。短片《失物招领》是她的大学毕业电影,并由德国巴伐利亚广播电视台联合出品。这部短片在第四十九届霍夫国际电影节上首映。

  • Para Ellos/ For Them/ 为了他们

    美国|2015|彩色|24分钟|剧情 USA|2015|Color|24min|Drama 南加州大学
    导演:Christian Contreras, Victoria De La Torre 编剧:Christian Contreras, Victoria De La Torre 摄影: Will Jobe 剪辑: Erik Howell 音效指导:Andrew Peat 视觉效果:Burak N. Kurt 演员:INGRID RODRIGUEZ,PACO FLORES,ANDRES MIRANDA,MAXINE GRECO,RAY L. PEREZ,OSCAR GARZA,MATT NOSEK,SHEILA KORSI,SEAN BURGOS,SERGIO RAFAEL,DULCE MARIA RAMON

    Synopsis: Para Ellos is a modern, children's fable about Maria, a smart, determined 10-year-old girl, who loves nothing more than her father and his bedtime tales. On the night her father goes missing, Maria and her brother Juan, embark on a perilous journey across the U.S./Mexico border in hopes of bringing him home, but not without the guidance of three curious, yet meddling desert creatures. 影片简介: Para Ellos是一个当代儿童寓言。它讲述了一个名叫玛丽亚的10岁小姑娘的故事。她聪明果敢,最爱她的爸爸和爸爸讲的睡前的故事。一天,她的爸爸不见了。为了带爸爸回家,玛丽亚和她的弟弟胡安在墨西哥和美国的交界处,踏上了一段寻找父亲的危险旅程。在这段旅程中,三个好奇心强而爱管闲事的沙漠小动物给予了他们指导。


    Director's biography: Christian Contreras, writer, co-director, producer Christian Contreras is originally from El Paso, TX where his love for cinema was cultivated by the rich Mexican culture of a border town community. Victoria De La Torre, writer, co-director, producer 导演简介: Christian Contreras,作家,导演,制作人。他来自美国和墨西哥的边境,德州的厄尔巴索。他对电影的热爱源自边境小城的墨西哥文化的熏陶。 Victoria De La Torre,作家,导演,制作人

  • Pitter Patter Goes My Heart / 我心砰咚

    德国 美国 奥地利丨2015|彩色|22分钟|剧情 Germany USA Austria|2015|Color|22min|Drama
    导演:Christoph Rainer 演员:Vicky Krieps, Michael Maertens, Max Reimann, Martina Schone-Radunski, Peter Fricke 剧本:Christoph Rainer 摄影:Georg Geutebrueck 剪辑:Roland Stottinger 声音:Simon Peter 音乐:Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giacomo Puccini, David Furrer 哥伦比亚大学/巴登-符腾堡州电影学院/维也纳电影学院

    Synopsis: The hopelessly romantic Lisa takes desperate measures to win her former lover back. But the fact that he already has a new girl at his side and that Lisa needs to bring her alcoholic father to an anti-varicose-campaign photo shooting without letting him know, is not particularly helping. The tragedy takes its course. 影片简介: 浪漫主义的女孩丽莎绝望地最后试图挽回已分手的恋人的心。但事实情况对丽莎并不利,因为她的前男友已经有了新女友,而丽莎还要在她的酒鬼父亲不知情的情况下给他拍摄抗静脉曲张药物的广告照片。一场悲剧即将发生。


    Director's biography: Christoph Rainer is an Austrian filmmaker that graduated from the film academy in Vienna with a bachelor degree in directing with his professor Michael Haneke and received a Fulbright scholarship to pursue his master at Columbia University in New York, where he graduated with honors. 导演简介: Christoph Rainer是毕业于维也纳电影学院的一位奥地利籍电影导演,他本科从师于Michael Haneke,取得傅尔布莱特奖学金后在纽约哥伦比亚大学深造,硕士荣誉毕业。

  • Pokey Pokey/美丽新视界

    美国 中国|2015|彩色|7分钟|动画 USA China丨2015|Color|7min|Animation
    南加州大学 导演:Jake Zhang 制片:Jake Zhang 音乐:Pantawit Kiangsiri 声音:Katie Gately

    Synopsis: Pokey Pokey is a dark humor and horror animated short that depicts a father and his journey to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of the crime-ridden city, discussing the over-protection phenomenon to children and related social issues. 影片简介: Pokey Pokey是一部充满了黑色幽默与恐怖的动画短片。在一个父亲尝试寻找保护自己的儿子免受罪恶横行的城市的污染的过程中,探讨了对于儿童的过度保护和与其相关的社会问题。


    Director's biography: Junjie “Jake” Zhang is an independent animation artist, illustrator and educator living in LA and Hong Kong. He likes to explore and develop different visual styles to express his artistic opinions and stories. Most of his films are black-humorous, ironic and fantastic, reflecting social and political issues indirectly. Jake Zhang holds a BA in Digital Media from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and a MFA in Animation and Digital Arts from University of Southern California. His films have been awarded and selected in festivals all over the world. 导演简介: 张俊杰,独立动画师、插画师、教育工作者,长居洛杉矶与香港。他擅长探索发现不同的视觉风格以表达自己的艺术观点与故事。大部分作品以黑色幽默、讽刺和荒诞讽刺社会与政治议题。中国中央美术学院数字媒体专业本科,南加州大学数字艺术专业艺术硕士。作品在全球多个电影节上获奖。

  • Stay Awake/ 保持清醒

    美国|2015|彩色|14分钟|剧情 US|2015|Color|14min|Drama 哥伦比亚大学
    导演:Jamie Sisley 编剧:Jamie Sisley 摄影:Alejandro Mejia 剪辑:Fontana Rhodes 音效:Ryan Billia 演员:Owen Campbell, David Rysdahl,,Rebecca Harris, Lori Brown-Niang

    Synopsis: Brothers, a mother, songs from the seventies, Xanax, and a woman named Vicki. “Stay Awake” follows two teenage brothers through the weekly routine of taking their mother to the hospital to detox her from a prescription drug addiction. When it becomes clear that their mother may never change, both brothers have to decide whether to continue trying to help her, or move on. 影片简介: 一对兄弟,一个母亲,70年代的音乐,阿普唑仑,还有一个叫Vicki的女人。《保持清醒》跟随着两个未成年兄弟的日常生活——每周一次带母亲去医院戒她的处方药药瘾。但是当逐渐发现母亲并没有好转的现象,两兄弟要做出决定是否继续帮她,还是离开。


    Director’s statement: There have been many people in my life who have been addicted to prescription medication. Prescription abuse doesn’t seem to have the same negative connotations as other drugs, and I’ve always wondered why this is the case since I’ve seen so many people I love affected by these drugs in such terrible ways. “Stay Awake” is the story of two brothers having to grow up early as a result of someone they love being addicted to Xanax. I wanted to explore what these drugs do to people’s families, as well as how wonderful the love between siblings can be. The central theme explored is the decision of whether to sacrifice or save yourself at the expense of someone you love. 导演阐述: 在我的生活里,有很多人都对处方药物有瘾。滥用处方药和其他药物比较起来,看似危害并不严重,当我看见那么多我爱的人们用被药物伤害影响得如此糟糕时,我想知道其中的原因究竟是为什么。本片讲述的是,在所爱的人对镇定药物有严重药瘾面前,两个兄弟不得不早点成熟。我想去探究这些药物对一个家庭的危害有多大,还有手足之爱是多么的珍贵和美好。本片所要探讨的核心主题是做出选择,是否要牺牲自己来拯救所爱的人。 Director’s biography: Jamie Sisley spent six years managing bands in the music industry before pursuing an MFA in screenwriting/directing at Columbia University. In addition to “Stay Awake,” he will soon be premiering “Farewell Ferris Wheel,” his first feature documentary, which won the TAA Creative Promise Award from the Tribeca Film Institute, and was selected for the 2014 Film Independent Documentary Lab in Los Angeles. His next project will be a narrative feature film based on a murder in the country music world. He lives in New York City, and loves Joni Mitchell, old TV commercials, and being left-handed. 导演简介: Jamie Sisley在哥伦比亚大学念剧本创作和导演MFA之前,有六年时间在音乐产业经营管理乐队。除了《保持清醒》,他的第一部纪录长片《送别摩天轮》很快将会首映,这部电影获得了翠贝卡电影节创造性潜质奖,并于2014年,在洛杉矶独立纪录片实验室获得提名。他的下一部剧情片是来源于一桩民谣音乐界的谋杀案件。他现居纽约,喜欢Joni Mitchell,喜欢老电视广告,并且还是一个“左撇子”。