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Xining is located in the east of the Tibetan Plateau. The average altitude of the city reaches 2275 meters, therefore, it has intense sunlight in the daytime and the summer there is delightfully cool. With the temperature below 20℃, Xining is a natural summer resort. When people in other cities are all experiencing an unbearable summer, you can have gently-blowing breeze in Xining. The Mengda Natinal Waterfall, reputed as Xishuangbanna on Tibetan Plateau, hangs in piedmont vertical. The glassy pool at the bottom blend with the blue sky, reflects the mountains and moves in small waves. 


The temperature in Xining is below 18oC in July, which is very cozy. A filed of rape flowers and the immense lake make Qinghai Lake a good spot for camping. 

Top Things to do in Xining

1.Explore Mojia Street and Shuijing Alley for local delicious food
2.Visit Taer Lamasery to restructure mind tranquility
3.Try authentic beef, mutton and yogurt

Notes in Tibetan areas:

1. Don’t eat the meat of dog, horse and donkey;
2. When Tibetans serve tea or liquor to you, it is better to accept with pleasure. If you really can’t drink, you have to explain to get their understanding. Given the high altitude and alcohol, you’d better not drink too much, two thirds of your normal liqueur consumption is preferred. 
3. When Tibetans offers you a hada, please receive it with both hands and then wear it on your neck or let people put it on your neck directly. Do not get it off immediately. 

Notes in Muslim Areas:

There some taboos in Muslim areas, such as eating the meat and blood of non-ruminants (e.g. pigs, dogs, horses, donkeys) and natural dead animals. Liquor and alcohol are also prohibited. 

The average altitude in Xining is 2295 meters. Altitude sickness commonly occurs above 3000 meters, causing headaches and weakness. When you have adapted after several days, some mild symptoms will disappear. However, if you don’t feel better, you can try coughing and patting yourself in the breasts besides taking some medicine. Also, you have to been very careful and had better not panic, talk loudly or have intense activities. If your lips and nails appear purple, you must need oxygen inhalation to alleviate the effects of altitude and leave for places at low altitude to get treatment for fear of severer physical responses.