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A Film Festival

FIRST, a Film Festival, focuses its eyes on filmmakers’ debuts.

An international arena

FIRST, an international arena, aptly complements the global cinema scene.

A laboratory

FIRST, a laboratory, serves a birthplace to young filmmakers’ pictures.

FIRST International Film Festival is committed to the discovery and promotion of emerging filmmakers and their early works. Held annually from July 26 to Aug 3 in Xining, China, FIRST made its debut in 2005 and has concentrated on filmmakers’ first features and early works. A vehicle of film cutlures, FIRST endeavors to embed film viewing cultures into daily life. FIRST has long dedicated to chanelling the bold and innovative spirits of emerging Chinese filmmakers to the global vision.

Also an occasion gathering film professionals from with all stages of filmmaking, FIRST bridges the  creative minds and the film industry. FIRST makes endless efforts to lay a sound path for art to meet with industrial procedures and to hold in store a number of filmmakers and film projects with great potential. It has played a significant role in the boosting of Chinese film industry. 

In 2012, FIRST added feature-length films into Main Competition secion. Over the past six years, FIRST film selection has covered over 53 countries and regions. In 2018, The 13th edition of FIRST International Film Festival received 1414 online submissions, which grows 20% compared to last year.

FIRST invites a host of established and esteemed filmmakers to sit on the Jury Committee and to maintain a strict and just juror system. Since 2012, the Festival has been honored to have Xu Feng (Taiwan, China), Ann Hui (Hong Kong, China), Xie Fei (China), Jiang Wen (China), Wong Kar-wai (Hong Kong, China) , Lou Ye (China) ,Chen Guo Fu (Taiwan, China) and Diao Yi Nan(China) as Jury Presidents, and Xu Zheng, Qin Hailu, Deng Chao, Huang Bo, Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Zhao wei, Hu Ge, Zhu Ya Wen, Wang Chuan Jun, Zhou Dong Yu, Hai Qing and Li Fei as spokespersons. 

Over the decade, a number of filmmakers have received recognition and acclaims at the Festival, including Fan Lixin, Ma Li, Hao Jie, Wen Muye, Xin Yukun, Wang Yichun, Degena Yun, Ma Kai, Zhang Tao, Zhang Dalei, Cai Chengjie, Zhou Ziyang, Chan Ching-lin, Chou Sheng, Lu Qing Yi, Zhou Zhou, Gu Xiao Gang, Xu Lei and Chai Xiao Yu.