FIRST International Film Festival (FIRST IFF) is dedicated to preserving the diverse voice of young filmmakers in Chinese-language cinema and offering an effective and fair evaluation standard. From the perspective of industry and art, FIRST IFF aspires to provide the explorers of cinematic art with forward-looking guidance, encouragement, and companionship.

FIRST FRAME is a special curation co-presented by FIRST IFF and CHANEL that focuses on the diverse images of women in the works of emerging filmmakers in contemporary Chinese-language cinema. It aims to encourage the creative depiction of female characters and themes. To discover more:




The Competition film entry of the 16th FIRST International Film Festival Xining has been closed. The files below will offer a general insight into film entry regulation and procedure.

The 16th FIRST International Film Festival Competition Rules & Regulations

The 16th FIRST International Film Festival FIRST FRAME Award Guidelines