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FIRST International Film Festival is dedicated to documenting the filmmaking of emerging sinophile cinema and FIRST International Film Festival is dedicated to documenting the rich specimen of emerging sinophone filmmaking landscape and offering an effective and fair evaluation standard for that matter. With multi-faceted industry, artistic and professional perspectives, FIRST IFF aspires to provide the explorers of cinematic art with forward-looking guidance, encouragement and accompaniment.

FIRST International Film Festival and CHANEL co-presented a special selection of films that cast the eyesight on the diverse images of women in the works of emerging filmmakers in contemporary sinophone cinema and encourages the creative depiction of female characters and themes.To discover more:

The film entry for 16th FIRST International Film Festival Xining starts on January 1, 2022.

The 16th FIRST International Film Festival Competition Rules and Regulations

The 16th FIRST International Film Festival FIRST FRAME Award Guidelines

Submission to FIRST IFF is open to narrative features (60 minutes and over), feature length documentaries (60 minutes and over) and short films (up to 30 minutes).
The following eligibility criteria must be taken into account when submitting a film
to the festival:

1)The film must fulfill one of the following conditions:
• The director is a citizen of the People’ s Republic of China (including Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan), in the case of co-directed work, one of the di recto rs, qualification suffices.
• The majority of the film’ s dialogues is in Chinese language (including
Mandarin, Cantonese and other dialects). Dubbed foreign-language film is not eligible.
• A minimum of 50% of the filming locations are situated within the border of the People, s Republicof China (including Hong KongSAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan).
• A minimum of 50% of the cast and crew of the film (including director,screenwriter, cinematographer, production designer, composer, editor, sound effect, main cast, producer) are citizens of the People, s Republic of China (including Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan).
2)The film was completed after January 1,2021 (the completed version has not been public screened at any film festivals or released before this date).
3)For narrative features, the film should be among the director’ s first three Independently directed narrative features. In the case of co-directed work, each of the directors must fulfill the condition.
4)Films that have already been theatrical/online released in mainland China or have scheduled the release before the FIRST IFF festival elates are not eligible.
5)Films, including any updated version, previously submitted to or publicly screened at FIRST IFF will not be reconsidered for the 2022 edition.
6)The following conditions apply in case of digital festival screenings prior to FIRSTIFF:
•If the film has been screened with geo-block, our regular eligibility rules apply.
•If the film has been screened without geo-block and was available worldwide, a maximum of 2,000 views in total is allowed in order for the film to be eligible for FIRST IFF selection.
In both cases, the film may only have been available online for a maximum of
20 days.