FIRST FRAME focuses on the diverse images of women in the works of emerging filmmakers in contemporary Sinophone cinema. It aims to encourage the creative depiction of female characters and themes and extend academic exploration of gender-related topics. FIRST FRAME explores the inherent issues of identity, living experience and social perspectives with critical thinking. It engages with the inner discourse on these subjects, utilizing the concept of ‘frame’ to showcase the diverse expressions of feminine vitality on screen across generations of filmmakers, bringing into focus the living experience and filmmakers themselves. By presenting the vibrant female images, the films reflect the context of the times, providing a unique perspective for youth Sinophone cinema and contributing to the future of narratives on femininity. FIRST FRAME expects the film to break through the shackles of traditional female images in the narrative and issues regarding femininity, as well as various perspectives of auteurs.


The 18th FIRST International Film Festival General Guidelines for FIRST FRAME Submission and Participation