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Then entry for FIRST Documentary Lab (4th selection) opens for submission for November 29, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

FIRST Documentary Lab encourages documentary authors to tap documentary images for topics with cross-cultural diversities, create works with socio-cultural values and promote benign development of the market environment of documentaries. Based on the horizon, social reflection and artistic orgiginality, FIRST Documentarly lab will provide support to 1-2 documentary projects.

FIRST Documentary Lab is initiated by FIRST International Film Festival and Mr. Chen Kun in 2016. So far, the lab has supported the following projects:

3rd Selection: Singing in the Wilderness, Love Hockey

2nd Selection: Peach Blossom; The Portrait

1st Selection: Mama, Confused Youth

The FIRST Documentary Lab is open to feature-length documentary projects and non-fiction writing projects.