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FIRST Documentary Lab encourages documentary filmmakers to explore culturally diverse issues,create works with social-cultural values and promote the healthy and diverse development of the documentary market.

Based on the horizon,social reflection and artistic exploration, FIRST Documentary Lab is committed to providing a more liberal and diversified evaluation standard for documentary creations.

FIRST Documentary Lab is initiated by FIRST international Film Festival and Mr.Chen Kun in 2016. So far, the lab has supported the following projects:

6th Selection: Breaking the Wall; Look Love II; The Plateau Stones; Qingshui River

5th Selection: Death Education; Epic of A Stone; Xiao Long

4th Selection: Inspirare; The Vagrant Master

3rd Selection: Singing in the Wilderness; Love Hockey

2nd Selection: Peach Blossom; The Portrait

1st Selection: Mama; Confused Youth

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