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FIRST Public Programming is the offline screening brand during the non-film festival.

FIRST Public Programming origins from the College Tour. During the non-film festival, in the form of screening tour, Public Programming showcases the FIRST-selected films to the audience all over the country.

Every year, FIRST tries to break the narrative limitation of screening space with the two-season tour: we goes to urban art space in winter and colleges in spring, trying to show young filmmakers’ works to a wider space, more viewing groups and therefore triggering more discussion. We approach audience and try to find a wider audience. Each screening is initiated by local curators or groups, they decide which to screen and carry out their plans together with FIRST committee.

Since the original College Tour in 2012, Public Programming has traveled every province, even the overseas cities.

Each year, Public Program goes to at least 20 cities and 100 colleges. Outside the theaters and film festival, more than 30,000 audience watch these selected films.

The application of 2019 FIRST Public Programming Spring Tour is now closed. Please stay tuned and looking forward to seeing you next season.