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Industry Screening, together with the financing forum, is part of the FIRST mart section. Industry Screening aims to bridge the dialogue between young filmmakers and the film industry, link filmmakers to the industry chain, and introduce works and talents for the ecology.

Industry Screening call for Completed Films and Work-in-progress Projects (WIP) by young filmmakers. The section is designed to provide private screenings for industry guests and one-to-one negotiation mechanism after the screening. Industry Screening helps to reach out for post-production support and to establish a healthy trading platform of equal communication.

In 2022, a total of 20 films and projects were selected in Industry Screening. During the film festival, 39 screenings were scheduled. 420 negotiations took place with an increase of about 15% compared with 2021. 4 films were presented in the public Film Mart Central Pitch to promote their projects.

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