Training Camp

FIRST Training Camp is a film production and education program designed for Sinophone filmmakers across the globe. Focusing on the joy of hands-on experience, the program provides practical guidance in various aspects of filmmaking, such as directing, screenwriting, producing, acting, cinematography, art design, sound and editing. The aim is to cultivate a new generation of filmmakers by offering an environment that goes beyond traditional academic education.

Training Camp employs a rotating mentorship system, inviting accomplished filmmakers annually to form an advisory team. The mentor and advisors share their expertise in areas like screenwriting, audio-visual presentation, acting, post-production, and team collaboration through hands-on teaching.

Over the years, renowned filmmakers, such as Michael Andreen (U.S., 2012), Cristiano Borton (Italy, 2013), Peter Newman (U.S., 2014), Shozo Ichiyama (Japan, 2015), Hong-jin Na (South Korea, 2015), Béla Tarr (Hungary, 2017) , Tsai Ming-liang (Malaysia, 2018), Mohsen Makhmalbaf (Iraq,2019), Cao Baoping (China, 2020), Zheng Dasheng (China, 2021), and Zhang Lyu (China, 2022) have joined forces with other skilled professionals to guide aspiring filmmakers in Xining’s distinctive geographical and cultural context. Together, they help young creatives tap into their artistic instincts and develop the skills to tell authentic, captivating stories.

In 2023, FIRST Training Camp will continue to recruit talent in directing, producing, cinematography, art design, and sound, while introducing a new focus on film editing. Creators will be grouped based on their specific strengths for collaborative projects, fostering an atmosphere of growth and camaraderie among filmmakers with diverse backgrounds and experiences.