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As an initial form of film, short film carries the primitive power of cinema. It often embodies freewheeling expression, unbounded by narrative conventions. It presents various expressions, and never stops inspiring the upcoming generation of filmmakers.

What FSFP does every year is to create a free and inspiring atmosphere for emerging filmmakers with our patience and sharp sensibility.

Therefore, every season FIRST chooses suitable partners who share the same goal. Together we are to provide a broad and liberal environment for young filmmakers, hoping to meet astonishing imagination carried out by the form of short film. We join efforts to create a short film carnival.

Since its establishment in 2014, FSFP has successively cooperated with Kia, Alipay and Huawei. It managed to produce dozens of short films in with limited production environment, challenging the boundary of creative production.
With the approaching of the 13th FIRST IFF, thousands of our guests are expected to arrive in Xining to enjoy their festival experiences. This time, FIRST and Accor Group jointly launched the Fairmont x FSFP competition, under the main concept of “Turning Moments into Memories”. This is a meaningful echo for FIRST to enter its 13th edition.