FIRST International Film Festival positively participates in the current Chinese youth film industry. By selecting and encouraging high-quality film works presented each year, it stands shoulder to shoulder with young filmmakers who break through obstacles and march forward, intervenes in the production cycle of film industry, and marks another history of film. In order to achieve such a mission, it not only depends on filmmakers and the festival itself, but also a healthy and diverse voice field can hone the sharpness of films and create lighter wings.

Within the time and space of our coexistence during the festival, FIRST aims to build a field of free dialogue, allowing the viewing experience to truly reach the audience and extending communication, stimulating a truly thriving force.

From July 23rd to July 31st, 2023 (Beijing time), the 17th FIRST Youth Film Festival will be held in Xining, Qinghai Province. As the wind once again sweeps across the plateau, the FIRST International Film Festival invites all media partners who are passionate about film and all forms of artistic creation. All of your reactions, crude and real, will jointly constitute a deliberative and fierce public discourse that pierces through the present and reaches the future, whether it be speaking out for valuable works or offering harsh criticism; whether it be a close and multidimensional observation or an interactive dialogue in competition.

"Despair, like hope, is but vanity." Perhaps, power is not as scarce as we often imagine it to be. When various information about films or beyond is conveyed and interpreted in a diverse way, the power of film and filmmakers can extend beyond the screen and point to change. Only then can the mission of a film be fulfilled. With such power, we can finally take film as a torch to step once again into the world, to embrace change, to witness a different history, and to look forward to walking hand in hand with everyone.

Before applying to register as a "Media Guest" for the 17th FIRST Film Festival, please read the following carefully.

Please contact or call 86-010-85564221 should there be any problem.

The press accreditation of the 17th FIRST International Film Festival Xining has opened, starting from 22nd May 2023 to 5th July 2023.

The 17th FIRST International Film Festival Press Accreditation Guidelines