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FIRST launched Short Short Film competition for the first time in 2020. The programme, partnering up with vivo, calls for film entries within 5 minutes. 

We look forward to seeing filmmakers to explore creative and convenient approaches of film making and storytelling, to get a unique shooting angle, and to explore new possibilities of moving image using creative combination and editing within such short running time.

The submission time for FIRST Short Short Film is from March 5 to May 20, 2021. Please read the rules and regulations before submitting your film.

In order to present the diverse imagination of combining technology and art, a new non-competitive curatorial exhibition was set up in Short Short Film section in 2021, which calls for video that creatively combine a variety of production methods and expand narrative methods in a broad sense. A special exhibition of “Multimedia Image” will be planned in the new scene set up at the main venue of Xining during the 15th FIRST International Film Festival. For details, please read the rules and regulations.