Training Camp open for submission:Last Call from FIRST

After industry screening, another section of the 13th FIRST International Film Festival is activated. The FIRST training camp is open for submission until May 15.

Pema Tseden will be the literary adviser, and “Forgotten Beauty in Our Daily Life” is the Topic of this year.

FIRST Training Camp try to dig out young directors’ aesthetic intuition in a short time and plain condition. This year, we will encourage the young directors to convert literature into film.

Applicants must submit a narrative works consist of 8 to 12 frames to prove their director ability. And the Training Camp will invite Pema Tseden as the literature adviser to help youngsters.

Pema Tseden is a writer, a director and scriptwriter. He will not only provide reference in early stage, but also help ten young directors to study how to handle it. Pema Tseden’s join make the tutor system more perfect. The question “who is the mentor” will be answered in FIRST conference.


Three episodes of the documentary about FIRST Training Camp are published.

The documentary was produced by Tencent Pictures and FIRST International Film Festival will be seen on Tencent Video. As the Camp’s principal partner in 2018, Tencent Picture recorded the whole process in the Camp last year.

What’s the Value of Training Camp?


As the Tsai Ming-Liang said,” I hope they can find out who they are, also find out their strength and weakness. The Training Camp devote a platform for young filmmakers. This soil allows them to reveal their creative ideas and intuitions, confront the doubts and collisions of others, and stimulate the possibility of self-cultivation. As for the result, I have heard the most sentence in the interview, “see more clearly about myself”.