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Three Men Who Made A Movie Named Guanyin Also Make Movies Also Made A Movie

World Premiere Jiang Feng | 2019 | China | 104min | Documentary


In Hainan, there is a Guanyin Temple. The Guanyin in the temple decided to make a movie based on her personal experience. Two friends and I planned to make a documentary Guanyin Also Make Movies built from this event. Gradually, the act of us shooting the documentary, starting to echo with the act of Guanyin making the movie. To every single person, the image has its own unique significance. Therefore, we also turned the camera to ourselves, deriving Three Men Who Made a Movie Named Guanyin Also Make Movies Also Made a Movie from Guanyin Also Make Movies.


Jiang Feng

Jiang Feng, born in March 1992 in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Graduated from Department of Economics in Nanjing University, he worked as an account manager and a product manager in a bank. He resigned in 2018 and focused on independent films, documentaries, video production, etc.

Director's statement

This is a movie about movie itself. An intriguing dialogue is formed in between the documentary, the movie about Guanyin making movie, and the short movie made by Guanyin. The dialogue leads to the questions of ‘What is image’ and ‘What images mean to its creators’.
This is also a movie about us. It captured our emotions, our confusions in its own honesty. The images become a ruler, measuring the distance between us and life, finding the focus of our inner self. The ideal, the pressure, the future and the past, the chains with original family, are all like the sea waves, lapping against the shore of time.
At the end of the movie, we addressed the answers to the questions above. The images might just be a mirage. However, we believe that they are related to everyone, and yet they are free.


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