Producer Forum: Reply, Young Producers

Generally speaking, young Chinese filmmakers face similar dilemma: How to find someone who can be trusted to produce their stories? How to professionally ensure the quality and the completeness of their works? In order to resolve the above, a great producer is necessary. However, the young producers with an insightful sense of art and a relatively mature marketing ability are unexpectedly lacking.

This forum is a collaboration between FIRST International Film Festival and Do News Media, we extend the invitation to experienced producers and emerging producers for a dialogue. What’s the ambition of a producer? How do they run projects and navigate the boundaries of power and responsibility? Their success stories maybe mixed with a strong element of luck, but there is also pain that comes with experiences. This forum is an opportunity for producers to examine, to analyze, to deconstruct, and to resolve the current dilemma in producing.

The progressive development of the film industry aims at clarifying the current situation of the young producers and coming up with cultivation strategies accordingly. By doing so, the industry can improve the ability of the young producers and makes the adjustment on the incomplete system.