The Law Workshop was first introduced in 2020. Professionals and scholars engaged in legal business in the film industry were invited to share their years of practical experience, providing young filmmakers with a full range of legal and investment knowledge that ranges from script development, shooting and production, publicity and distribution, film festival and awards to copyrights protection, in order to help young filmmakers to build a more comprehensive understanding system about the film industry.

*This workshop is reserved to festival guests who holds the following accreditation: Filmmaker (F), Market Guest(M), VIP, Premium Market Guest, Visiting Guest, Premium Visiting Guest.



*In alphabetical order


Ren Yanling is the executive director and managing partner of Tianyuan Law Firm. She is also a CPPCC member of the Beijing Xicheng District , the Vice Chairman of All-China Youth Federation Beijing Xicheng District, and a member of Beijing Lawyer Association, and the vice chairman of the Lawyer Association Xicheng District. During her more than 20 years of practice, she has mainly engaged in and specialized in legal services of corporate investment and financing, M&A , equity private investment. She also has rich experience in the fields of acting agency, film and television, music recording, variety show, as well as cultural tourism real estate and cultural derivative industry.



Ning Qingyuan is a lawyer of Tianyuan Law Firm and a member of the Beijing Entertainment Law Society. Mr. Ning is mainly engaged in cultural entertainment, corporate investment and financing, M&A . He also has rich experience in legal services in film and television production, acting agency, and music recording.



Beijing Tian Yuan Law Firm

Beijing Tian Yuan Law Firm (“Tian Yuan”) is a general-service Chinese Law firm. Tian Yuan Specializes in the fields of entertainment and media, including performing brokerage, firms and TV, music records, variety shows, games and animation, publishing and distribution, sports events, internet new media and cultural derivative industries, ets., providing the legal services of whole industry and the whole process. Tian Yuan’s professional and efficient legal service is willing to enable entertainment and media enterprises to develop with high quality and stability.