Close To YOU

Liu Yaqin | 2023 | | 24min | Short
Liu Yaqin丨Zheng Wenyu丨Zhou Yulin


Ten years ago, while my dad was suffering from depression, my mom hid all the truth from me. Years later, she entered a marriage again, and I found that she gradually became happier, and the void created by Dad’s death seemed to only trap me. So, with a little anger and a lot of confusion, I began to try to talk to her.


Liu Yaqin

The master student of Communication University of China’s radio and television major who start making documentaries in 2022.

Director's statement

My mom and I have always lived under the same roof, but there has always been a huge silence crouching in the middle of our noisy lives, like a giant beast that seems ready to wake up and tear everything apart. This time, I tried to pick up the camera and wage war on this beast of silence. This film is a subjective view of my observations, about my approach to my mother, going back in time to untie the knot and understanding her in a new family relationship.