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Ice Cold Bone

Zhang Jianhui | 2018 | China | 104min | Fiction


Peng,who born with a silver spoon in his mouth, killed a retarded man while driving. His father Fugui tried to buy the silence of the witnesses, but the local teacher Wu, Peng’s father-in law,also witnessed the incident and decide to stop them.As this incident is known by more and more people, the conflicts between them escalated and Xuexi is trapped in the dilemma of sentiment and conscience.


Zhang Jianhui

Zhang Jian Hui, born in 1987. Graduated from Film Directing Department in Xi’an Training College from in 2008. He worked in Shannxi Tv a playwright-director in 2009-2014. His short film No Country for Old Men was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in Chinese College Students Micro Film Festival. In 2017, he finished his debut feature Ice Cold Bone.