Killing Time

Li Nai | 2019 | China | 140min | Fiction
Director:Li Nai | Producer:Kevin Ma


The film is about four stories happening in one day, featuring four groups of characters. A fat man working in elevator full of surreal thoughts. Two young lovers by the sea with no more passion. A middle-aged couple caught in marriage crisis. And a girl working in bookstore who doesn’t like reading.


Li Nai

Li Nai, male, born on the 20th September, 1989, in Xi’an, Shan Xi Province, China. Script writer, director and composer.

Director's statement

I have no professional education background relating to films and have never shot anything before except for two minutes when I served as log keeper in a TV crew. This feature film debut was completed with scarce funding. Most of the crews are also non-professionals. In order to save money, I served multiple roles and tried my best, because I know that if I stay put and wait for opportunities to come, the fire in my heart will be extinguished. But I feel very happy to be able to make films.

Thank you, and thanks for everything!

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