New director≠Low maturity, FIRST film market finalists coming public!

Looking back on the development of Chinese film and television industry from 2018 to the first half year, “savage growth” is at the edge of end. Time puts the whole picture of this industry at a turning point while the rise of new force remains film market vigorous.

Film festival, as a field where talents from every part of Chinese film industry gather most, should more play a literally far-sighted and groping role . What call for every film festival exploring and constructing continuously are how to efficiently establish transport system, communication system and trade system at the source of a project.

FIRST financing forum, the film project trade platform of FIRST film market, has received 732 applications, finalists of film plans welcoming their debut. Among them, 79% are directors’ first piece of work, 55% are backed with production company now. Amount of creators have been making preparations for conversations between capital as well as industry upon the beginning of creation.

It took over 2 months for FIRST to select 33 finalists through two rounds of script review meetings by an extended review dimension ranging from stories to market space, just to name a few. The emerging FIRST film market has been increasingly abundant and broadened on account of these projects which display steady overall quality and intense characters.

A close look at the tendency of changes in type of applications for FIRST financing forum reveals a boring picture. Young creators are used to choosing themes like family, children and youth which are close to life experiences and crime, thrill, romance which are predictable in market space. That’s why jury will appraise and compare highly-frequent projects with stricter standards. Only those showing great capacity in screen writing, innovation, directing and market space comprehensively can be likely to stand out.

FIRST film market public week will fall on Jun.5th- 11thin Beijing, If projects on finalist out of regular presentation don’t enter the next round, they will enter round-desk application round directly. During this period, they will accept comments and questioning from delegates of sponsors. Finally, delegates of film market official cooperative companies vote for “revival projects”, admitted to annual film plan. Meanwhile, writing script lab, performing script lab and production script lab are setting to invite senior people in all parts of film production field to analyze cases, share experience and skills. Creators think deep into text and film production, in the meantime, they will be able to establish more overall knowledge storage and market recognition, which helps to build up relatively fair game rules in youth film structure.

Annual nominated film plan will be released on Jun.12th, project delegates will extend pitch presentation in Xining, communicating one-to-one with market guests. In addition, 33 nominated films’ information will be shown on FIRST industry brochure. Project delegates can have access to forum, script lab, reception, film market award ceremony and so on during the film festival. Apart from this, delegates can have free appointments with potential partners like investors, producers ,actors, just to name a few, in Industry Cafe. The film market award ceremony which falls on Jul.27th will release awards with and without cash set by Alibaba Pictures, Enligh Pictures, HENGYE Pictures, MaxTimes, Qi Yinxiang, Jet Tone Film Production, HeRui Pictures, Forestt studios, Image Forestt, KO Film Rental etc.

Now, FIRST market guest application is in progress, the application access will be closed on Jun.30th, click Reading more to enter FIRST international film festival official website to complete applications online.

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