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Director: Wu Hao | China | Color | 95min | Documentary/Experimental

In a digital universe where live streamers earn as much as $200K a month, can virtual relationships replace real-life human connection? People’s Republic of Desire tells the stories of two such online stars who’ve risen from isolation to fame and fortune in China. The film takes us on a vérité journey through their live streaming showrooms, which have become virtual gathering places for hundreds of millions – from the super rich who lavish performers with digital gifts, to poor migrant workers who worship them. The characters are brought together in a series of bizarre online idol competitions, where they discover that happiness in their virtual world may be as elusive as in the real one.

Director: Lv Shiyu,Pan Xiaoxiao,Li Chengquan,Shi Yifan,Zheng Luxinyuan,Shan Lu,Gao Yuan,Lan Tianxing,Jia Chao,Chen Qiaozhen | China | Color | 142min | Short/Fiction/Documentary

Director: Zhang Junjie | China | Color B&W | 105min | Fiction

Chen Ligen, a local farmer found a dead body of an alien. He believed the mysterious body is connected to his son’s disappearance. To find his son back, he decided to protect the body.


Director: Chen Xi | China | Color | 79min | Fiction

The film depicts a continuous space in which the spatial structure is also the narrative structure of the film. Here, the audience can simultaneously and ‘directly’ see the microscopic events and its higher structures. The characters have no words, no expressions, only actions. When they meet each other, they sometimes fight and sometimes spend time together. The damages on characters’ bodies will not be fully recovered, and the events will congeal and merge outside the life cycle of each individual. Those characters with asymmetry of information carry on their lives without thinking about what they are most accustomed to, such as their body, their medical props. Some of them trying to find their ‘point’ with only a slight chance to get in. When a character finally passes a point, standing in front of an above-event-structure, the character would make mortal choices like normal people.

Director: Liu Dongxue | China | Color | 87min | Fiction

It’s a story related to Chinese belief and religion. An old woman has paralyzed for many years and she was looked after by her eldest son. One day she dead, but she suddenly resurrects during her funeral. The son hesitates for a few seconds then he decides to bury his mother immediately. After that day, a series of accidents happened: the little son gets a strange disease. His continuing yelling and cursing scared everyone, and everything falls into chaos. The protagonist is trying everything to cure his little son, everyone’s religion in this story was examined by this accident.

Director: Wu Hungyi | China Taiwan | Color | 27min | Fiction

Lee Wang is the most hard-working member of the volleyball team, but she hadn’t got any chance to be on a court since freshman year. One day, Yu Shao, the Ace on the team, hasn’t shown up until a game is about to take place. Lee Wang did not expect that due to the absence of Yu Shao, the opportunity that she’s been waiting for has finally come. However, this is also a turning point in their friendship…


Director: He Zheng | China | Color | 91min | Fiction

The story takes place in a city at the foothills of Taihang mountain, Hebei province. Family pressure, restriction, and a tedious livelihood cause high school student Taihang to deviate from the right path. Skipping class and smoking cigarettes become his daily routine. The only thing that makes him happy is riding the motorcycle that he borrowed money to buy. A new girl Taihang meets steals the money he was saving to pay off his debt, which leads to him being chased and captured by the loan sharks. Police Captain Li is continuously looking for the drug dealer who gravely injured him many years ago. The injury has caused him immense mental and physical trauma, influencing a lot in his life. He never lets any suspect go away but still cannot crack the case.

Director: Zhang Yuxuan | China/France | Color | 28min | Fiction

Wu Yang comes from a family that not only lives hard, but also lacks the capability to change the situation. He has to marry her pregnant girlfriend for the social convention; he doesn’t have a decent job to afford a new apartment, so Wu Yang, together with his wife, has to stay with his parents in a small apartment. A few months later, the birth of their child makes things worse.

Director: Zhou Zhou | China | Color | 90min | Fiction

22-year-old Meili is an ill-fated girl. Abandoned by her parents, she was raised by her elder sister, who is infertile. Meili was set up to be raped by her brother-in-law and gave birth to a daughter secretly. Her sister often asked her for child support.

To avoid her sister’s harassment, Meili quits her job and decides to follow her lover Wen to Shanghai. Unexpectedly, Wen leaves her in Changchun. Abandoned by love, also unemployed, the helpless Meili meets Yu, who finds her another job. Her sister flees to Meili due to family violence. Her brother-in-law finds her, bringing to the surface unbearable memories. Meili resigns. Desperately, she expects Wen’s return, but what waits around the corner is deception and betrayal.

Director: Niu Xiaoyu | China | Color | 50min | Fiction

Grandpa died, Yezi back home, everything is the same as before. Until the evening, the haunting sadness solidifies into another world, the mountain, forest, insect, animal, and grandpa, accompanied by Yezi around.

Director: Liu Xiaolei | China | Color | 66min | Documentary

At first, I was eager to communicate with them, using the camera to capture those thieves and punish them, while dreaming of being a hero to get rid of my mediocre life. But after experiencing the hurt between members of Falcon and the thieves, I concluded that whenever a group wants to do something magnificent, one righteous reason would be enough to change a man into angle or devil. Afterwards, especially after a Uyghur boy’s appearing in my life. I found out that I couldn’t just hide behind the camera and take advantage of recollecting memories of someone as an excuse to conceal my true self. In a monologue way, I must demonstrate the clash of my feelings. You face yourself well; you face people you shoot well.

Director: Yang Xiao | China | Color | 18min | Fiction

On a rainy day, Zhang Xin, a middle-aged man who suffers from obsession deeply, meets a young and strange girl. He can’t help but walk towards her… This bubble remains until the girl turns out to be the obsession itself…

Director: Yue Ting | China | Color | 89min | Documentary

‘Red-Hair Emperor’, Gu Donglin, had been married twice. He alone raised the daughter who was in junior high school. When he was young, he loved disco. Nowadays, whenever he feels bored, he will go to the park and dance with the sound of another people’s music. In 2017, a wave of Internet broadcasts emerged. The image of his frenetic dance with friends was pushed to the public. Since then, ‘awkward dance’ has completely changed his life.


Director: Wang Erzhuo | China | Color | 28min | Fiction

The story tells about a female teacher’s life in a small city in China. Today’s China has already past the time of the Red Revolutions. Those idealistic students from the 80s have reached their middle age, accepting their ordinary lives. Ms. Yao was one of them. Recently in her school, there were two teachers who had an affair and eloped together. It reminded Ms. Yao of her own life. So many things were flashing back, those memories and experiences that came from a same generation.

Director: Su Qing Mina | China | Color | 118min | Documentary

It’s early spring at a school where trees standing silently for more than 40 years from little saplings. Sounds of Caro Mio Benfloat from the school building – beyond the corridors, along with the path, toward the sky…

Throughout seasons and years in the school, we’ve got to know these children: in her teens, Cao Hanzi longs to communicate with people by asking lots of questions; Zhang Dantong, studied Henan opera, is waiting for her debut in a reality show; Li Cong, fulfilled with peace and love in her mind, whispers to her turtles; Wang Yiwen, a talented singer at her age, dreams to sing an Italian piece and stand on the stage for it… Although the children here have different backgrounds and stories, they all have gorgeous smiles and dreams that glitter like gold.

The wheel of time will not stop, and all the students will leave the school one day. Before that day, let’s keep those beautiful moments in mind forever.

Director: Li Mingyang | China | Color | 39min | Fiction

Laiping was born in the countryside, and after a turn as a film star, he’s the pride of the family. After becoming a film producer, he finds it hard to make ends meet. At Chinese New Year, to preserve the appearance of success, he goes home with two cartons of fake cigarettes. Once home, faced with plates of ribs, and chicken, Laiping tells his family that he’s become a Buddhist, and a vegetarian. He gave him the smoke to his uncle. His uncle won’t share the cigarettes with anyone. On New Year’s Eve, Laiping’s mother secretly tells him that his uncle has mentioned the fake cigarettes. Laiping and his mother bring dumplings to his father, who’s still at work. Laiping calls his elder brother on video chat, and the whole family waits for his brother to accept the call.