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FIRST Film Center is located on the first floor of Building 7, Block C, Huitong Office Park, 1 Yaojiayuan South Rd., Beijing. As a platform dedicated to discovering and promoting young filmmakers and their works, in addition to the 10-day film festival held in Xining in July, FIRST also develops the offline screening brand during non-film festival to promote independent films, provide multiple viewing opportunities and advocate for film culture to intervene in contemporary youth life. Through this offline official content output port during the non-film festival, FIRST will export a variety of film festival content, gather fans and industry audiences and therefore establish FIRST Film Center as the long-term free, unique and diverse regional culture landmark.

FIRST Film Center includes: Auditorium, Conference room and Lounge area
Auditorium: Accommodating 60-100 audiences. Our server will play 2K & 4K DCPs. Digital playback options in the auditorium are available via HDMI & HD-SDI for your Windows or Mac OS computer, 5.1 surround, sound system with microphone.

Conference room: 20-30 seats, equipped with a projection and sound system. Building-wide WiFi for client use.

Lounge Area: Accommodating 200 guests. Equipped with a projection and sound system. Open to lecture, gala and some other small and medium-sized event.

Rental Service:

1. Screening: Screening launched by individuals or groups for the purpose of watching films, film discussion and culture exchanges.

2. Curation: Open to curation activities in the fields of culture and art, maintaining a compatible attitude, enriching the multi-dimensional and inclusive cultural atmosphere of the cinema, and enhancing the role of the cinema as a cultural space.

3. Others: Including film-related seminars, movie salons, movie theme parties, etc.

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Address: 1st Floor, Building 7, Huitong Office Park, No.1 Yaojiayuan South Road, Beijing