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Xining Food Concentration Area: Xinghai Road (nearby), Mojiajie, Hutai

Recommend Restaurants

Kuisheng Restaurant

Address: No. 38-2 Dongcheng Trench, Huangyuan County
Tel: 0971-2432551

Gajin Wa Sheep Intestinal Noodle General Store

Address: No. 9 Construction Lane, Chengbei District
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Malsha Niuzao

Address: Downstairs of Haiyi Building, Chengxi District
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Yanfu Hotel (Xingwang Lane)

Address: No. 100 Nanchuan East Road, Chengzhong District
Tel: 0971-6271948 13709767020
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Lotus seed production

Address: No. 1-29, Zhonghua Lane, Chengxi District
Tel: 0971-6153460

Hou Ji jingwei instant mutton

Address: 50 metres east of the intersection of Hutai 4th Lane and Xiguan Street, Chengxi District
Tel: 0971-6317573
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Raw roast lamb chops go to Datong County

Datong raw roast lamb chop; Gazhangwa raw roast lamb chop; Sorama is Datong raw roast
Address: Near No. 3 Bridge, Datong County