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Exhibitor & Education accreditation is open to film exhibitors including festivals, cinemas, community screening groups, arts centers and cultural institutuions. The accreditation gives access to all public screenings and forums, helping programmers to get in touch with filmmakers and facilitating further screenings after the festival.

Who can register for the Exhibitor & Education Badge?

The Exhibitor & Education Badge accreditation is reserved to professionals working in film festival, culture institution, film exhibiting organizations, with the purpose of attending the festival screenings and events. Individual scholars with a relative research project, or teachers from educational administration who is leading a school group of over 5 students to visit the festival are also eligible of the Exhibitor & Education Badge. 

What is the purpose of applying for an Exhibitor & Education Badge?

The Exhibitor & Education Badge offers access to all the public film screenings and forums during the festival with priority to reserve a seat. The badge will help you get in connection with the filmmakers and it also offers a better festival experience.

The Exhibitor & Education Badge accreditation opens fromJune 17 to July 5, 2021.
The accreditation fee is 90 USD.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@firstfilm.org.cn or call 86-010-85564221.