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The FIRST International Film Festival is dedicated to preserving multiple works created by young Chinese filmmakers. Directors and their films awarded by FIRST have been recognized by other film festivals for many times and also received positive market feedback. Increasing numbers of institutions focusing on cultural exchange and film festival are willing to participate in FIRST and to communicate with up-and-coming filmmakers and film insiders. The 13th FIRST International Film Festival has launched its guest registration in order to build and to improve the channel between the industry and the festival, which will provide guests with unique experience. At the same time, FIRST acts as a cooperative bridge between cultural institutions and filmmakers, promoting films of good quality to the public sphere as well as the market.


  • July 10th, 2019.

How to register

  • Please register on the website of FIRST International Film Festival. Late registration or inaccurate registration information is considered invalid.
  • Each account can apply once (for up to two guests); the Festival Committee will review the application within seven working days. You will receive confirmation via email after review..
  • Each guest will receive one badge that provides access to festival events. The badge is non-transferable and photo-credential.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 86-010-85564221.

Thank you for your participation!