FIRST International Film Festival is rooted in Xining, Qinghai Province, the gateway to the Tibetan Plateau, which is the highest youth film festival in the world. Since its inception in 2006, the festival has covered 4 major directions: Film Festival, Film Market, Production Cultivation and Public Culture, with links to various sections including Main Competition, Short Short Film, FIRST FRAME, Award of Pioneering, Financing Forum, Industry Screening, Training Camp, Documentary Lab, Forum & Workshop, Curation Screening. Over the past 17 years, thousands of young filmmakers have received artistic recognition and strong responses from academia and the industry at FIRST International Film Festival.

In order to create a rigorous, efficient and all-round customized value-added service system, and to provide an immersive experience for visitors to the festival, FIRST has constructed a ladder service system for Public & Education Guest, Visiting Guest and Premium Guest, in addition to the traditional credential system, to provide opportunities for immersion in the festival and to meet the guests' needs for festival rituals, cultural belonging and exclusive experiences.

On the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, a land full of vitality, there is Qinghai Lake, which is known as 'the first tear on earth'; Tibetan antelopes run freely in the uninhabited area of Cocosili; and the source of the three rivers flowing through half of China......The nature makes Qinghai a must-see tourism destination. The multi-ethnic culture of Qinghai Xining is like the incense of ancient woods, stretching for thousands of years between exhalations. The 17th FIRST International Film Festival will be held in Xining, Qinghai Province from July 23 to July 31, 2023, and FIRST Guests will enjoy reservation or access privileges in different sections with their accreditation, and receive exclusive service rights.

To create different levels of film festival participation experience and to deeply connect diverse audiences is the focus of FIRST Guest system construction. In the continuation of this model, we hope to attract a richer range of film-going groups, develop a multi-dimensional participation in the festival, and open up the participants' awareness of the film industry and stimulate their thoughts.

The qualification review will be proceeded based on the order of application.

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