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The film entry for 15th FIRST International Film Festival Xining starts on January 1, 2021.

FIRST International Film Festival is dedicated to documenting the filmmaking of emerging sinophile cinema and offering an evaluation standard of effectiveness and fairness. Taking industry, art, professionalism together into consideration, the festival wishes to company, encourage and guide those who proactively explore and practise film art.

The submission deadline for the 15th FIRST is April  30, 2021.

The submission is open to narrative features, documentaries, and short films. Please read the Rules and Regulations before submit your film.

A film needs to meet the following requirement to be considered for competition:

1)The film has not been public screened at any film festivals or released in theatre/online before October 1, 2019 (work in process version not included)

2)For narrative features, the film should be among the director’s first three directorial narrative features. (co-directed work not included; if the submitted film is co-directed, then every director needs to meet this requirement)

3)Films that already have been theatrical/online released in China or planning to do so before the Festival takes place are not admitted

4)If any edition of the film has been previously submitted to FIRST or has been screened at FIRST, it will not be reconsidered for the new edition.