FIRST PIONEER promotes and encourages avant-garde and imaginative creativity in short films. This section expands beyond the Main Competition to explore bold aesthetics and structures, recognizing diverse cultural perspectives, unique thinking paradigms, and innovative cinematic expressions with experimental spirits.

Beyond leading, beyond special. In the rich tapestry of cinema, a multitude of experimenters and trailblazers have navigated the currents of change, challenged the norms of cinematic expression and reshaping established forms. They beckon viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between cinema and its audience, society, and history. FIRST PIONEER endeavors to position itself at the crossroads of ubiquity and uniqueness, fiction and non-fiction, and globalization and localization. It aspires to embody the spirit of pioneering experimentation, crafting narratives that delve into avant-garde youth culture by addressing contemporary issues, employing cutting-edge techniques, and presenting a diverse array of aesthetics.


The 18th FIRST International Film Festival General Guidelines for FIRST PIONEER Submission and Participation