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Industry Guests Is Now Open For Registration

After the press conference of the 13th FIRST IFF on the May 4, FIRST IFF is now open for registration for industry guests from May 15 to June 30. In the past five years, thousands of guests had come here, celebrating this annual ceremony.

What FIRST is trying to promote in the film industry is the effectiveness and the efficiency of the communication between filmmakers and the industry. When the Financing Forum is in its 9th year and the Industry Screening is in its 3rd year, FIRST has built up its mature movie market system which allows industries in either investing, producing, financing, or marketing and distributing to seek for and develop a sustainable cooperation with filmmakers in different levels, cultures, and vibes.

This year, FIRST Financing Forum receives 734 movie initiatives in total and among which, 88.6% are the ones that come to the festival for the first time. In the Pitch Presentation session this year, the committee will invite a selected group of industry guests besides the project authors, judges, and sponsors in order to facilitate the process of matching different projects with the appropriate sponsors.

In the Industry Screening section, FIRST will expand the number of screenings into 30 films compared with 18 films last year and will also open to films shot in different specifications and forms. In this case, among the 30 selected screenings this year, 27% are incomplete projects and others also include international projects and TV series, which leaves more space for filmmakers to communicate and exchange ideas with the potential sponsors and producers. FIRST also provides Industry Cafe which provides a relaxing and ideal atmosphere for any necessary trade talks.

Besides the content transaction, FIRST also holds symposiums and workshop in creating new projects, producing, and incubating young filmmakers, and, therefore, enables guests to have comprehensive insights on the ongoing development of the film industry together with the prospective filmmakers and the industry masters. 

FIRST also announces the ‘Film Market Award Ceremony’ and invites all industry guests to celebrate. 

The sponsors and collaborative partners for FIRST IFF include Alibaba Pictures, Beijing Enlight Pictures, MaiTe Culture, Jet Tone Film Production, Beijing Herui FIlm Culture Co., Ltd, etc. iQiyi will be the official collaborative partner for Industry Screening section. We thereby welcome industry professionals to come and together develop a healthy and supportive environment for aspiring filmmakers.

Pitch Presentation will be held on July 25. Guests are able to reserve a one-on-one meeting with the project representatives during July 26 and July 27.

FIRST IFF is now open for registration for industry guestsIndustry Screening will be held during July 20 and 25. Guests are able to reserve a one-on-one meetings with the filmmakers from July 21 to 27.

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