Short short films lasting no more than 5 minutes are no longer a novel concept, but a rising phenomenon that is riding on a great wave of momentum.

Among the 2,800 submissions we received from the official site over the past three years, we have witnessed the budding stage of short short films with 65 shortlisted works. Taking on this wave of short short films, we partnered with vivo to embrace the unknown and possibilities by taking concrete steps to advance the creation of cultural works and technological iterations that aim to serve the public.

The iteration of video-making technologies has allowed many creators to explore more diversified and stylistic narrative approaches by taking advantage of short short films’ low development cost. How we create, receive information, and perceive the world are in a state of rapid change. Driven by light-weight portable devices and the renewal of digital media, short short films not only opens up a space for creative attempts, but more importantly, they are now a participant in a multi-directional media environment that fervently drive the renewal of traditional film making. Amidst these changes, short short films have also continuously renewed its medium during this infancy stage, thereby making us look forward to the future of more of these 5-minute creations.

In today’s world, where the reality is increasingly integrated with the digital world, what should we expect from future forms and content of short short films? How should we continue to honor our core value of responding to reality and focusing on the present with short short films? How should creators establish a rapport with the audience? How can the spirit of the cinema be renewed within the present wider cultural sphere?