160 Years Old

World Premiere Yan Bing | 2021 | China | 118min | Fiction
Yan Bing丨Wang Hongwei丨Ding Jianguo丨Sun Zhaohui丨Chen Zhicheng丨Wang Hongwei丨Ding Jianguo丨Sun Zhaohui丨Athena Chu丨Tse Kwan Ho丨Tian Yuan丨 Monica Chan丨 Zhou Xianxin丨Jian Hui


A father who cannot cure his own stubborn illness, a professor mother who struggles with existential questions, a son who is confused and precocious, a giant tortoise that suddenly leaves, and a sentimental grandfather who passed away. The uncle cannot finish reading THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA. The aunt won’t get married. The grandfather is his own daughter’s enemy. The uncle does not want to return from the Philippines. And an unborn child. Summer goes, and autumn comes. Things remain, but people change.


Yan Bing

Yan Bing graduated from the Communication University of Shanxi and Beijing Film Academy, majored in directing. The short film A MOVIE FAN was shortlisted for the Drama Competition Unit (professional group) of the 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival. The screenplay of 160 YEARS OLD won Best Screenplay of the 10th Young Screenwriters Program of the Beijing Film Academy/China Film Script Institute; 2019 Winner Award for the Falcon Plan Venture Capital of the 14th Chinese Young Generation Film Forum of China Film Association, and ARRI International Support Program-Future Plan for Chinese Youth.

Director's statement

Family is the smallest miniature sample to observe society. A careful observation of any ordinary family can provide a thorough insight into the complex social form and the mystical life. 160 YEARS OLD establishes a connection from the hidden moments in each person’s life. It explores the life course of a person, including marriage, inter-generational relations, social mechanisms, and the life cycle. The intention is to portray contemporary families’ common perplexity and melancholy and concentrate on the complexity of contemporary society and real life. The windows with fingerprints, a dusty button in the corner, and the folds on the calendar form the beautiful scenery. This is the narrative aesthetics pursued by 160 YEARS OLD. In some ways, this is also the mystery of family to life.