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Alexvi | Zhang Tianyi | 2021 | China | 5min |


The film depicts a virtual world presented on screen. In this world, the reality has taken a back seat. Everyone is a performer, and a spectator at the same time. The main character, XiaoDie, with an obsession with popularity, joins the cyber carnival. After going through a lot of setbacks, she faints from exhaustion…


Alexvi (Li Xiaoliang)

Alexvi (Li Xiaoliang), filmmaker & Photographer. Over the last decade, he has collaborated with mainstream art and fashion media working with major Chinese actors, directors and artists as well as Hollywood celebrities and rock singers. At the same time, he has been continuously working on his personal art projects. With his visual arts practice, Alexvi relentlessly challenges conventions of photography as a medium and at times venturing into the domain of video art.

Zhang Tianyi

Zhang Tianyi is a multi-media artist who works in photography, performance, digital film, and social media. She holds an MFA Degree in Photographic and Electronic Media at the Maryland Institute College of Art, in the USA, and a BFA from The Central Academy of Fine Arts, in China. Zhang’s art projects have been shortlisted in Ashurst Emerging Art Prize 2021, and have been presented in art festivals and galleries around the world, including Elijah Wheat Gallery, in New York, The New Art Fest, in Lisbon, Video Arte Faenza, in Colombia…