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Zhang Yiqing | 2021 | | 3min08sec |


On May 20, a homophonic symbol of ‘I love you’ in Chinese, whenever someone falls in love, someone loses it. When a peaceful secret love being suddenly interrupted, where should the girl place her broken feelings and unexpression of love?

Zhang Yiqing

Zhang Yiqing, an undergraduate student at Xi'an International Studies University, an well-known bilibili vlogger who is from Xi'an, Shaanxi. Her works mostly reflect her personal life experience which are truly moving. In 2020, the short film "I took the train to Tibet with 1685 yuan,spending 31 hours in a carriage with hard seats and I suddenly wanted to be alive" won the "Best Actress Award" in the 2020 Tencent News New Video Competition. In 2021, The short film "My care still rises even on the first Chinese New Year far away from home" and "Happy 21st Birthday" won the first and third prizes of the Fifth National Youth Cup Art Design Competition respectively.