Comic Star

Liu Guoquan | 1991 | China | 88 | Fiction


Liangzi is a salesman at a clothing company. He often receives the manager’s praise for being enthusiastic and dutiful. However, he has the most assured love for the film industry deep down in his heart. As suggested by Xiaoqing, Liangzi, Xiaoqing, and a girl, Zhang Lingling, who he only met once, go to the training class runs by suspicious teacher, Ge. Shortly after, Liangzi gets his first turning point of playing a role in Xie’s new film. Even though he does not show up in the final version of the film nor receive the credits, he feels closer to his dream. Since then, thanks to his endeavor, Liangzi receives more opportunities and slowly grows into a well-known comic star.


Liu Guoquan

Liu Guoquan is an actress and director. She was born in Neijiang, Sichuan Province in 1945, and graduated from Beijing Film Academy. In 1983, Liu directed her debut film JIE CHI. From 1984 to 1989, Liu directed many films such as JIANG JUN DE JUE ZE, HUAN QI ZHI XING, DIAN DIAN DI DI, ZHAO CAI TONG ZI, FENG KUANG GE NV, THE SECRET HISTORY OF A STAR, etc. She started to devote her career in comedy in 1990, and directed works like FATHER AND SON’S CAR, COMIC STAR, and GIRLS OF THE TIMES.