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Frozen Out

Zhou Hao | 2021 | China/United States | 4min55sec |


An immigrant artist in a foreign land retreats to frozen prairies and forests, trying to find a meaningful story and escape from the anxieties of dislocation. The film is narrated as a letter to the directorʼs little sister, who appears in memories from southwest China.


Zhou Hao

Born in 1992 in Chongqing, China. Zhou Hao directed, produced and played the main part in his debut feature THE NIGHT, which premiered in 2014 in Berlinale. THE NIGHT also won top prizes at Geneva Independent, Nara, China Independent, Dong Film Fest, and others. Zhou refined his filmmaking at Cannes Film Festival’s residency in Paris as well as Xining FIRST Training Camp, Talents Tokyo, and Berlinale Talents.