Go South

Yu Zhe | 2021 | China | 95min | Drama / Comedy
Director: Yu Zhe | Screenwriter: Zang Yiqiang | Producer: Wang Renkui | Cinematographer: Liao Benrong | Editor:Xiao Ruguan | Production Designer: None | Main Cast: Ying Ze, Wang Chenhao, Wang Dong, Liu Haoyan


During the day, Changhe works as a food delivery worker. In the evening, Wei works at a karaoke bar. One day,the two go on to the vengeance on the man who hooked up Wei’s girlfriend. They get some unexpected fortune from the incident. They decide to hit the road and go to their friend Dao and live in Southeast Asia. Xi and Ying had been living a stable life as truck drivers,their life got messed up after investing a project a year ago. Been waiting in vain,they never got the return of the investment. Now they just want the money back and go home to get married. After a long time searching,they finally found the project leader. The four came to some Southern border town successively, and things became more and more unexpected…


Yu Zhe

His short film HOT, HUNT, HEAT was selected to the 5th Beijing Independent Film Festival, and Chongqing Independent Film & Video Festival in 2010

Director's statement

Changhe and Wei, who are making a living in the city, want to escape their current life with a windfall. Xi and Ying who drift all the time, and now pursuit a halcyon and stable life after being cheated in investment. These two pairs of characters have no real intersections, but then they happen to have a fatalistic connection. They are like string puppets involuntarily, fate is changed by chance, and there is a certain inevitability. In terms of style and tone, what I want to pursue is “gray humor”, although it is basically equivalent to black humor — I want to show the absurdity of life, the oppression of the upper class to the lower class, and the incongruity between the environment and the individual with a mocking attitude. But gray is not as direct as black. It is the middle state of chaos. To express poverty in a humorous way, watch the characters as calmly and regularly as possible and see how they want to get a better life and how they want to survive.