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Love Found Love Lost

World Premiere Li Songming | 2021 | China | 94min | Fiction
Li Songming丨Yang Jing丨Feng Ziyang丨Li Qingxin丨Xiao Xiao丨Li Yin丨Yao Yibo丨Ye Qisheng丨Ci Wantong丨Zhang Guanfei丨Chen Banghui


At the age of thirty, Xinggui has not only lost his job and love, but also has lost his health. As his body gradually recovers, his perception is slowly returning. In the process of looking back, he is surprised to find that the reality of life in his grandmother’s eyes is very different from what he has felt over the years. His memory gap prompts Xinggui to reexamine the past. He is learning to accept the past, to accept himself and others. He is discovering love while losing it at the same time.


Li Songming

Li Songming, director. After graduating from Beijing Film Academy, he has been involved in several films as a screenwriter and producer. He was hospitalized for 13 months, during which he wrote the screenplay for LOVE LOST LOVE FOUND. After he recovered from the illness, he filmed this film with the help of his relatives and friends.

Director's statement

Movies grow out from the soil of life experience. I was hospitalized for 13 months because of illness, and when I was faced with the challenge of life and death, what I thought was the recollection and reflection of the past. I was surprised to find that my memory of the past is very different from theirs. For the same thing, some people remember the sadness in good weather, while others reflect the kindness in bad weather. It’s like a Taiji diagram. There is black in white and white in black, but they can’t tell the truth from the false. So, I want to make a movie telling the contrast between the process of thinking and memory. This is the birth of LOVE LOST LOVE FOUND.

Love lost Love found