My Grandparents

World Premiere Kong Weineng | 2021 | China | 100min | Documentary
Director: Kong Weineng


My grandparents lived in the countryside,they still farm although they are over eighty, the old house they lived in has become dangerous, grandpa was crippled by a stroke. They guard the old house all year round. What will they experience? What is their life like? What is their love like? What would their story be like if they were young and turned back in time?


Kong Weineng

Kong Weineng, born in Yunnan in 1991, graduated from the School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University in 2021.

Director's statement

This is a story about time. For the elderly grandparents, under the surface of poetic life, there is the instinct and struggle for survival. I took my camera and filmed them the year round, to witness their life this year. However, making a documentary is also the destiny of shooting. They experienced sickness, poverty alleviation, loneliness and struggle this year. When I follow the timeline and find that time is merciless, but year by year let their love grow deeper and deeper.

My Grandparents