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Only If Possible

Kiva Liu | 2021 | China | 5min |


As long as Xiong Chunwei doesn’t take one day off, he is one of the busiest delivery men from ZTO Express in Jiuxianqiao area, Chaoyang, Beijing. Every Saturday or Sunday, his wife and son take a bus from the “urban village” Picun, to meet him up for one hour during his lunch break. One afternoon, he made his mind to go home on his second hand electronic motor.


Kiva Liu

Kiva Liu is a journalist, writer and filmmaker currently based in Beijing. She received her master in journalism from Boston University. Before her job at OW Magazine as the deputy editor-in-chief, she worked as a documentary producer for WGBH (PBS-affiliated) and an online reporter in Boston for WCVB (ABC affiliated). As a non-fiction writer, her writings, mostly feature stories, have been published on Southern Weekly, New York Times Magazine Beijing, Elle China, Portrait Magazine, Initium Media, among many others. As a documentary filmmaker, She has been working as a director/producer for THIRTEEN TALKS and THIRTEEN WONDERING, two documentary series produced by Tencent and One Way Space. Her independent documentaries have been widely screened in institutions and schools throughout China including UCCA.